rack and stack servers


rack and stack servers

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B-612 Field Engineers install new equipment in Data-Centres pretty much every day of the week.​

We regularly build networks from the ground up and can manage any deployment size as well as any type of network expansion. No project is too big or too small for our teams. And we truly mean that.

From receiving and transporting your equipment to the Data-Centre floor, all the way through to installing and handing-over a fully functioning network within your stipulated deadline, we can help with any installation related tasks, including:

  • / Site preparation & rack modification
  • / Inventory & labelling of equipment
  • / Rack and stack
  • / Power connectivity & load balance check
  • / Network cables installation
  • / Provide access to switches & routers for remote config
  • / Site cleanup

A critical part of any new install is the cable management.

Well thought-out structured cabling looks neat and professional and sure, that is a good thing. But more importantly, it future proofs your network to allow for faster troubleshooting and upgrades going forward, helping you minimise downtime and save costs.

Our teams have plethora of experience with structured cabling and regularly complete the following tasks to the highest standards:

  • / Cross-rack & cross-cage structured cabling
  • / Patch panel termination
  • / Multiple cable projects - Cat5 / duplex fibre cables / MTP cables
  • / All cable testing
  • / All cable labelling
  • / Providing visual and written documentation upon completion

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Many of our customers go through periodic waves of change and expansion across multiple locations.

So our engineers have gone used to regularly travel the globe to complete various installations, upgrades and migrations, managing installations and deconstruction of networks as large as 2,000 servers.

Our teams frequently perform entire network upgrades and are capable of handling any type of network expansion, including replacing routers and upgrading the bandwidth.

We can also deconstruct your network, audit, pack and ship the equipment to your depot or repurpose the equipment in another Data-Centre, ensuring a smooth process all around.

  • / Multi locations projects
  • / Entire network upgrade
  • / Any type of network expansion
  • / Network decommissioning
  • / End to end data-centre migration

Ad-Hoc Projects